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From: Andy Colvin <>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 17:12:39 -0600
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According to the data sheet (, the limitation for SE is a total of 4 sockets for the cluster. The ODA falls under those guidelines. From the data sheet:

> Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition is optimized for deployment in medium-sized
> business environments. It is supported on either a single server supporting up to a
> maximum of 4 sockets, or on a clustered server environment, with a total maximum
> of 4 sockets in the cluster. Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition is available on all
> Oracle’s supported operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Unix.

It's unfortunate that Oracle will not allow SE to run on the ODA.

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On Feb 29, 2012, at 3:00 PM, Joseph Reid wrote:

> Wow, I never thought there was this much mixed feelings on the Appliance.
> A few points to note:
> You can migrate your current licenses to the latest version of the DB and
> run it on the Appliance thus reducing the need to purchase new software
> licenses and be supported.
> If the licensed Standard Edition on this machine, then Oracle whole license
> structure would have to be changed as you can only have this licensed housed
> on a maximum 4 processor machine. So I doubt you would ever see that.
> As far as the price goes there one creative approach and that is finance, it
> would reduce the initial sticker shock and would be able to get a better
> discount on the product. This is not a sales pitch as we did secure a great
> price for the Appliance and new licenses for a customer with the aid of
> financing, they did not need to finance, however it aided in lower the cost
> even with the financing interest rate. They didn't need this for a HA
> solution but more of a remote solution as this would be stationed overseas,
> with no one there daily to manage it.
> Again thank you all for the great input as I was looking for real experience
> not Oracle promotional docs on the Appliance.
> JR
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> hey all
> We have just ruled out ODA as a replacement for a single-server, 40-odd db
> setup because of:
> - no support for 9i, 10g, or even 11.1
> - no support for virtualisation to run 9i
> - no support for double mirroring (instead of triple) for the extra capacity
> - ... which meant the storage capacity was a bit low for us. And no bigger
> storage option, yet.
> - no room or support for HBAs (but NFS mounts seemed ok)
> And personally I was real keen on it until then !! The pay-as-you-go
> licensing was v.attractive, given the difficulty in keeping a lid on cores
> and licenses when acquiring a new server.
> I could see it making sense for a bigger environment that could manage to
> populate it with only 11.2 instances though.
> It would be great if the above caveats could be addressed, though I suppose
> there's not much chance for us to see that in the next few months.
> -jeff
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