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dba_users has some spots. The identified by values clause now causes an ora-00600. (Turns out this trick has never been supported by oracle).

It works from 11g also:

select 'alter user &&v_user identified by values '||''''||b.password||''''||';' from dba_users a, sys.user$ b
where a.user_id = b.user# and a.username = upper('&&v_user');



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It is true that the hash changed in 11 (with case sensitive passwords now), but the old hashes are still accepted. I think there is even a flag that tells you if this the password is using the old or the new method.

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The password hash changes in 11! Why didn't you just allow datapump to create the users (or whisper it not in Gath) just perform a database upgrade?
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> Greetings Oracle List!
> We're moving an Oracle Database to a new Server upgrading from 10 to
> 11 with Datapump. Can we migrate the schema's without
> knowing/changing the passwords?

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