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Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 12:37:03 -0500
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At the moment I am not using a recovery catalog so I am assuming I can't "catalog" the archivelogs. From what I am reading online it appears that maybe I should create a catalog. Our databases are small, but we do have around 45-50 of them. Management wants to be able to use Grid Control for monitoring and administrating all the databases from one location. For the record, we have hired an outside consultant, but he went on vacation last month. And I'm still waiting for the promised classes to be scheduled, but this project needs to be completed.

I have found the Oracle documentation on "Managing the RMAN Repository Without a Recovery Catalog" as well as the steps on how to create the recovery catalog. The Oracle documentation does include a section on "Crosschecking Backups."

Thanks for the suggestions.

Denise Gwinn
DBA WVNET On 11/10/2011 11:48 AM, Tim Gorman wrote:
> Denise,
> In my previous reply, I wanted to clarify and separate your evident
> reporting requirement from the entirely separate issue of how you should
> manage your archived redo log files. I don't think that the two should
> be entwined in any way.
> First, to make RMAN "aware" of archived redo logfiles, please check the
> documentation on the RMAN "catalog" command. It can be as easy as...
> RMAN> *catalog archivelog '**/file-name/**';*
> ...where /*file-name*/ is the full pathname of the archived redo log
> file. Once the archived redo logfiles are being managed by RMAN, then
> there are several ways to control their retention after they've been
> backed up. I strongly recommend that you read the RMAN documentation
> online (you can Google for it), in particular the RMAN commands
> Here is one example I use to first verify the status of archived redo
> logfiles on disk, then to remove the missing (expired) catalog entries,
> and then to remove the "obsolete" files and entries according to the
> configured retention policy (from memory, no access to systems at
> present)...
> RMAN> *allocate channel for maintenance type disk;*
> RMAN> *crosscheck backup of backup;*
> RMAN> *crosscheck backup of controlfile;*
> RMAN> *crosscheck backup of archivelog;*
> RMAN> *delete expired;*
> RMAN> *delete obsolete;*
> RMAN> *release channel;*
> Hope this helps...
> Thanks!
> -Tim

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