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From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 09:18:47 +0100
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Oh, well, couldn't resist... Before posting, a quick question: over in the US does 3G aka "UMTS" play role at all? I doubt it since the first iPhone didn't come with it... Some high end netbooks over here in Europe are equipped with a UMTS modem which at 3.6MB/s is more then fast enough for putty/ssh connections to servers.

On 06/01/2010 04:02 AM, Kellyn Pedersen wrote:
> I think I might be the only one who does this and it works well for me,
> but other techies are kind of surprised when they hear me describe my
> mobile work solution-
> I like to have access via a laptop at a moments notice, but I don't want
> to even carry my Sony laptop at 5lbs. My solution is a netbook. I
> currently have two- One stays in my travel trailer for weekends where I
> need to get away, but am still on call, (Wi-fil campgrounds, what a
> world we live in...LOL) I carry the other one around with me just about
> everywhere and they are only two pounds with a 10 inch screen, so it's
> easy to have in a small padded sleeve in any bag.

Very similar here, but I am using a Toshiba R600. It's a 12.1 screen laptop with a proper (i.e. non Atom) processor. Weights less than 1 kg for us Europeans out there and has 2 cores powerful enough to do all work I ask it to. Screen is great even in sunlight on a train, but the keyboard is a bit flimsy. Also looked at a MacBook Air and IBMs ThinkPad X200S but both were too expensive. If money hadn't mattered I would have gone for the X200S-beautiful! The MacBook Air lacks connectivity IMO but is the most beautiful portable I have seen. As with the 10" netbooks your hands get tired after an hour or so of concentrated typing.

> I log in via wireless
> connection, (surprising how much wi-fi is available or if in a crunch, I
> can login in using my blackberry as a modem.) I remote desktop into
> either my pc at work or a server so the work machines takes the brunt of
> the resource requirements. Netbooks are cheap enough that if anything
> happened to one of them- not a big issue. My Acer has a 1yr warranty
> and as harsh as I am on keyboards- I sent it in a month back and had it
> back in one week with a brand new keyboard. It had to be the easiest
> warranty support transaction I've been through.

The R600 came at GBP 700 so not exactly cheap, but still cheaper than many of the 12.1 subnoteboooks on the market.

> I did wipe the machine and load my own OS installs, doubled the memory
> on both of them, (so I'm on Windows 7 with the bizarre limit on memory
> for XP, which I do prefer...) and I have quite small hands, so the
> smaller keyboard isn't an issue for me at all. When I had to send it
> in, I just backed up my OS load, etc. re-installed the factory
> installation, (it fits on a 16GB jump drive!) and then there was no
> concern of vulnerability...

My laptop dual boots OpenSuSE 11.2 and Windows Vista (came pre-installed), but I use openSSH with profiles in ~/.ssh/config a lot, port forwarding etc. The only issue being when having to use propitiatory VPN clients such as Cisco-then I have to boot Windows :(

> I work well this way and I find I'm one of the few professionals that
[avoiding overquoting]


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