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From: Daniel Ignat <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 19:38:20 +0300
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Dear all,

Evreyone must use what hi want - or afford - to use! All OS are good or good enough for any “daily” DBA task. For statistics - I’am “old style” and I prefer to work most of the time in CLI. MacOS is nice because you forget about more non-DBA’s task’s and is fast..

There is root user.

danielignat_at_]conn> sw_vers

ProductName:	Mac OS X
ProductVersion:	10.6.3
BuildVersion:	10D573

danielignat_at_]conn> id
uid=501(danielignat) gid=20(staff) groups=20(staff),402(,204(_developer),100(_lpoperator),98(_lpadmin),81(_appserveradm),80(admin),79(_appserverusr),61(localaccounts),12(everyone),401( danielignat_at_]conn> su -
localhost:~ root# id
uid=0(root) gid=0(wheel) groups=0(wheel),402(,204(_developer),100(_lpoperator),98(_lpadmin),80(admin),61(localaccounts),29(certusers),20(staff),12(everyone),9(procmod),8(procview),5(operator),4(tty),3(sys),2(kmem),1(daemon),401( localhost:~ root#

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On Jun 1, 2010, at 6:00 PM, Dba DBA wrote:

> I have a macbook pro. I am not all that impressed with it relative to the high price. It is nice being able to work in unix directly. Windows is fine. It is cheaper. Plus you can get vmware for free on windows to run your databases in linux. There are no free versions of vmware or parallels (though there may be another brand) for the macintosh. So that is another $80.
> further the remote desktop tool from mac to PC does not give you a full screen option. so if you need to remote PC to your work computer or another one you get a small box only. Further the keys related to print screen are different (its a bunch of keys and a nuissance to use across the remote pc tool. it doesn't always seem to work).
> further most freeware software that runs on the pc does not run on mac. I prefer to use textpad for my editing. Mac does not have a version. There is jedit, but I don't like it as much.
> It is ok. But instead of spending $2000 on a macbook pro you can spend half that and get a decent PC with less interface hassles. I actually run windows on macbook through vmware so I can use software that does not run on a macintosh. If you are going to run vmware with windows, you want to run it from an external hard drive.
> I didn't realize all the hassles when I got a mac. I probably won't get another one unless they radically cut the price. That being said... I almost never have to reboot it. It almost never crashes even if I am running all kinds of stuff on it. Plus the built in backup software(I backup to an external drive) is trival to use and set up.
> One other annoying this, is that macintosh uses a highly adapted version of unix. It is NOT well documented at all. Apple purposely does not document alot about the macintosh that is not GUI related. For example, there is no root user. This can be annoying to DBAs or SAs who are pretty technical and we have to hunt all over the place to figure out how to do stuff. All the books on macintosh tend to be how to click buttons. I can figure that out myself, what is harder is how to figure out the change that apple made to unix that they didn't document.

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