Re: Where are specific waits stored in GC repository?

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Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 12:57:31 -0400
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You can see it in Grid. Both with AWR and ADDM -- AND -- with the Historical view. Anything under Concurrency will show the latch waits. I don't understand why you are digging through the tables. :)

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Subject: Where are specific waits stored in GC repository?

I'm attempting to determine how library cache latch waits may be impacting s. I believe that the recent history of those waits is stored in the Grid ontrol ( repository DB, as I can drill down into it from GC's erformance tab with the View Data dropdown set to "Historical". I've looked through all the SYSMAN.MGMT$METRIC_% views, but can't seem to ind specific wait types -- everything is listed by wait class. I thought hat the MGMT$METRIC_DETAILS view would be the one, but not that I can see. I'm attempting to browse the MGMT_METRICS_RAW table directly, but with >10M ows on a spartan server, it's not going well... :) Thoughts anyone? TIA!


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