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That's how I became a perl scripter myself - back in the day when I was a systems guy, I'd hack something together using a shell script, and inevitably, someone would want me to shove event details into a database, then they'd want a web UI, and graphs and charts, and I'd end up rewriting the whole thing in perl anyway.

So I just started writing everything in perl.

Then I was fortunate enough to go to work at a company whose whole web codebase was perl, and some of those folks and I started a software company where I work now....and guess what our software is written in? Yep, Perl.

It's a shame Perl has fallen out of favor for scripting - it really is a nice language, and CPAN is a huge help. I understand people's complaints about how it's almost impossible to enforce any kind of coding standards in Perl, because the language is so forgiving, but I still think it's ideal for infrastructure management.


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> Keep it simple, make it robust

Simple and robust?

Those 2 do not often go together IMO.

Now if you're using Perl, many scripts can be made to appear simple by the virtue of a huge collection of modules at

In fact when my shell scripts start getting too complex, they become Perl scripts. :)

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