Oracle Wallet Installed & Windows NTS / OS Authentication = FAIL!

From: Taylor, Chris David <>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 08:34:56 -0600
Message-ID: <>

This is on Windows XP Client with SQLNET.ORA SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NTS) for OS authentication. )

I ran into an issue a few days ago that has taken me till this morning to have resolved and I wanted to see if anyone had run into this.

I installed Oracle Client and couldn't OS authenticate to remote databases on the initial connection. If I tried 2 times in a row, the second attempt would authenticate.

After tracing the Oracle calls, I discovered that the client (on the 1st connection) was getting the following errors/warnings:

nnflgetnlpactx: NLPA context successfuly initialized nnflgetnlpactx: exit
nzgblinitialize: entry
nzumalloc: entry
nzdcpig_init_global: entry
nzumalloc: entry
nzucpget_parameter: entry
nzdycs1_start: entry
nzdycs1_start: exit
nzucpget_parameter: parameter "oss.default_file_directory" does not exist. nzucpget_parameter: exit

nzupawp_apply_wrl_policy: entry
nzupgew_get_environ_wrl: entry
nzupgew_get_environ_wrl: Environment Variable not found or empty value.
nzupgew_get_environ_wrl:  returning error: 28781

On the 2nd attempt, these messages weren't present and the client connects correctly.

After doing some digging I realized that this is specific to Oracle Wallet and/or Oracle security. So, on the client side, I followed this article:

Voila! I can now connect to my database using OS authentication.

Now, here's the issue. I installed Oracle Wallet as part of the Client install using "Custom" options but I never set it up.

It appears that just by having it installed, that Oracle tries to authenticate using configurations stored in the Wallet (when using OS auth) and then returns "Invalid Username/Password". It seems counter-intuitive to me that just by having it installed, it would cause the Oracle client to fail the handshake on the initial connection, but successfully resolve on the second attempt.

Some other trace info that showed up which led me sort of down a rabbit trail:

nioqrc:  found a break marker..
nioqrc:  Recieve: returning error: 3111
nioqrc: exit
nioqrs: entry
nioqrs:  state = interrupted (1)
nscontrol: entry

nscontrol: cmd=1, lcl=0x0
nscontrol: normal exit
nioqrs: state = interrupted (1)
nioqrs: nioqrs: sending reset marker...


1.) Configure Oracle Wallet for databases you wish to OS authenticate to

2.) Uninstall Oracle client and reinstall without Oracle Wallet/Advanced Security where its not needed (unverified)

Probably what I should do is completely uninstall the Oracle Client and reinstall without the Oracle Wallet/Advanced Security options.

So, anyone else experienced anything like this?

Chris Taylor
Sr. Oracle DBA
Ingram Barge Company
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