RE: dataguard, and rman backup of archive logs

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 16:43:27 -0500
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Are you saying that RMAN references the softlink? I wonder what you're actually backing up.  

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Subject: dataguard, and rman backup of archive logs  


     I have a rac cluster, with dataguard replicating

to a logical standby, as well as a physical standby.

All environments are using ASM.  

     I use RMAN to back up the archive logs on the LSB.

The LSB is a set up to delete the archive logs once they are

backed up. When I check the alert log, it shows the archive logs

being deleted. When I check the archive log location on ASM,

the archive logs still remains.

        They way ASM is set up is has a soft link to the actual archive

log files in the archive log directory. Here is an example.  

 srptpre_dcea562_1_919_702560930.arc =>

      So, when Oracle deletes the archive log, it just removes the link name.

In this case, that would be "srptpre_dcea562_1_919_702560930.arc".

The actual archive log file,

still remains. It does not get deleted.  

Has anyone seen this sort of behavior ? Is there a way to have the archive log deleted also ?  

Sun solaris 10, oracle  


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