Toad issue ?

From: Robertson Lee - lerobe <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 16:19:35 -0000
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AIX 6.1

One of our clients is getting an issue when running some scripts. This has worked plenty of times before with no errors, the only difference they think is that they are running it in TOAD rather than SQL Plus so this could be one possible cause?  

select sid from V$SESSION where audsid = (select USERENV('SESSIONID') from dual)


Error at line 1

Elapsed: 00:00:02.31    

Execution Plan

   0 INSERT STATEMENT Optimizer Mode=CHOOSE (Cost=683 Card=61 K Bytes=1 M)

   1 0 PX COORDINATOR    2 1 PX SEND QC (RANDOM) SYS.:TQ10000 (Cost=683 Card=61 K Bytes=1 M)

   3 2 NESTED LOOPS (Cost=683 Card=61 K Bytes=1 M)

   4 3 PX BLOCK ITERATOR (Cost=676 Card=61 K Bytes=665 K)

   5 4 MAT_VIEW ACCESS FULL CM.TABLE_1 (Cost=676 Card=61 K Bytes=665 K)

   6 3 INDEX UNIQUE SCAN USER.INDEX_UNI_PK (Cost=1 Card=1 Bytes=13)

Unable to retrieve autotrace statistics  

 Any ideas, I cannot find a thing online or at MOS and cannot reproduce the problem.....??  

TIA   Lee  

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