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From: orcl <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 20:23:38 -0500
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Post got rejected for over quoting...
Surachart - Im in the process of registering the asm on all nodes now.. thanks for that

> Ok - I thought it would be the best approach to carefully reinstall
> the clusterware software.
> There was a point in the install where it asks for your private and
> public interfaces ie eth0 and eth1, on one of the servers the private
> was on eth1 the other 2 were on eth0 -
> so I reset the ip addresses on the nics to be the same eth0 all public
> and eth1 all private
> Ran through the install, then ran the vipca and payed close attention
> the the configuration. Lastly ran netca and had it create the
> llisteners of all nodes.... everything looked perfect - see below, did
> a reboot and the clusterware and services all came up.
> WHat made me look into the vip address was - I tried to create the
> listener using netca with the previus configration and it would fail
> on one of the nodes - but create the listener.ora file. If I tried to
> start the listener on the problem node, I would get something like
> target host "optiplex1-vip" does not exist, when in fact it was in the
> host file and could be pinged from any node.So,making the corrections
> above got me to the status below :)
> Im making backup image copies of the drives right now - there is a
> heck of allot of configuration there...
> Surachart, thanks for the help.
> Bob
> NO KEYS WERE WRITTEN. Supply -force parameter to override.
> -force is destructive and will destroy any previous cluster
> configuration.
> Oracle Cluster Registry for cluster has already been initialized
> Startup will be queued to init within 90 seconds.
> Adding daemons to inittab
> Expecting the CRS daemons to be up within 600 seconds.
> CSS is active on these nodes.
> optiplex1
> optiplex2
> poweredge
> CSS is active on all nodes.
> Waiting for the Oracle CRSD and EVMD to start
> Oracle CRS stack installed and running under init(1M)
> Running vipca(silent) for configuring nodeapps
> The given interface(s), "eth1" is not public. Public interfaces should
> be used to configure virtual IPs.
> ##############################################
> [root_at_optiplex2 crs]# /u01/app/crs/bin/crs_stat -t
> Name Type Target State Host
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> ora....X1.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE optiplex1
> ora....ex1.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE optiplex1
> ora....ex1.ons application ONLINE ONLINE optiplex1
> application ONLINE ONLINE optiplex1
> ora....X2.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE optiplex2
> ora....ex2.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE optiplex2
> ora....ex2.ons application ONLINE ONLINE optiplex2
> application ONLINE ONLINE optiplex2
> ora....GE.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE poweredge
> ora....dge.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE poweredge
> ora....dge.ons application ONLINE ONLINE poweredge
> application ONLINE ONLINE poweredge
> Surachart Opun wrote:
>> /'.oracle'/, This directory contains a number of "special" socket
>> files that are used by local clients to connect via the IPC protocol
>> (sqlnet) to various Oracle processes including the TNS listener, the
>> CSS, CRS & EVM daemons or even database or ASM instances...
>> So, we shound't so anything on this path.
>> If check from your "crs_state -t'
>> I didn' t see your listener/asm register in CRS... So, CRS can not
>> start your listener automatic..
>> I think you should point to recreate listener (and register listener
>> to CRS), before you start this point check about nodeapps on optiplex1
>> *
>> After investigated, You should start at CRS on optiplex1*
>> about optiplex1: I think CRS not start
>> ora....ex1.gsd application ONLINE OFFLINE
>> ora....ex1.ons application ONLINE OFFLINE
>> - can you reboot it, if yes, you should reboot.
>> - check process and log files
>> - Check /tmp/crsctl.* files
>> - check messages logfile system
>> Aftter solved and "crsstat -t" show gsd+ons start on allnodes
>> - move listener.ora file and use netca to create listener (netca help
>> you register in CRS)
>> $ export ORACLE_HOHE=/u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1
>> $ ssh-agent $SHELL
>> $ ssh-add
>> check you can remote all nodes
>> $ netca
>> this helps you create listener and register in CRS (hope you move
>> listener.ora file before)
>> After that register ASM + Database in CRS by "srvctl"
>> OK... before do anything - solve CRS on optiplex1.
>> Surachart Opun

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