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we had to use datapump to move from our HPUX 64 bix to Linux 64 bit.

There is alot of things that isn't supportef for transportable tablespace and/or rman

But do double check.

And for datapump you can precreate your tables then just bring in the data then create the indexes, helps to save time.  Watch doing large amounts of data using the db link option. If you don't have enought bandwidth the datapump jobs fails and you have a mess! 

You can also do data streams but this requires alot of set up and care and feeding. You might have to take a database outage to put in the required parameters.

You could get somewhat creative with materialized views as well using it to populate data vs using data streams.

Just some more for you to think about.

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    Not sure, but form past experience moving from 32 to 64 bit all
you needed to do was run catproc thereafter to recompile everything properly.  But, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, I believe rman can only migrate database files across systems with the same endianesses. Namely big to big and small to small.  I believe there's a package/procedure in the database that tells you if the move is supported.

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Actually, RMAN cross-platform migration should cover the bitset issues as well.

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You've not only got the Operating system migration, but a 32 vs 64 bit migration as well. I think that exp/imp is your only option.

Dick Goulet
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Hi List,

I need to move a database from Windows to HP-UX. What are my options besides exp/imp (datapump)?

Little Endian - Microsoft Windows IA (32-bit) Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release

Big Endian - HP-UX IA (64-bit)
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release

I think I could tranport user tablespace but not the entire database.


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