Running RAC_at_Solaris under Veritas Cluster?

From: Zhu,Chao <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 18:14:32 +0800
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hi Guys

    We were doing POC for RAC(sorry we are very late in technology deployment and indeed we don't have strong need for RAC so far as we split database when server running out of capacity) and our storage guys insists on using Veritas Cluster (guess VCS has less learning curve for them?);

   To me it does not make sense to use Veritas Cluster software as oracle is merging all cluster management to its CRS and it makes easier to manage in the longer term, and I believe it is the oracle stategy and also industry common practise;

   I am writing to to the list to ask for your opinon, and how does your company run RAC? Is there any major reason to use third party clusterware instead of oracle's own which is free (bundled in RAC optino)?



Zhu Chao

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