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With OCM I think oracle is trying to say "all your database are belong to us" Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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I think it comes down to what makes a DBA a good DBA-  we have control issues... :)

We want to know what, who, where, when and why-  and we want to know the nature of the beast we are dealing with or it's not going to be allowed, since our job is to protect the database, all of the database, so help me God...

How many times do we read on the news, blogs, etc. that someone, somewhere made a mistake with the system security and suddenly, somehow, someone who shouldn't of had access to something they should have had access to? 

I know the evils in my environment.  I have some control over them and can hold, (at least somewhat) someone accountable for those controls.  I can't hold Oracle responsible.  Heck, we can't hold them THAT accountable for the lost time, $$ and resources for the metalink fiasco, now can we?

OK, off my DBA soapbox... :)

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Lots of anti-OCM sentiment here.

I must confess that I like OCM however..

OCM is not going to change anything in a database, but it does alert you to possible issues.

If the alerts are non issues, it is easy in MOS (when working) to disable alerts for that event/parameter/whatever.

SAP for example requires quite a few underscore parameters be set, which of course are flagged by OEM. It's pretty easy to disable them.

OCM is also supposed to save a lot of effort when creating an SR, as the db info is already there.  I haven't been able to test that out yet though.

As for connecting to the internet, someone will have to explain to me why this is such an issue.  The data sent is innocuous AFAIK.

Is there something in particular that is an issue with it?

How is is different that databases that email you an alert when an alert log error is found?  Or using UTL_SMTP to send email from the database?

Jared Still
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On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 8:28 AM, Kellyn Pedersen <> wrote:

I am in complete agreement on sending information about my databases across the internet-  I have demands that must be met before I'll create an internal user account and you want me to do what?? Maybe it's the conspiracy theorist in me, not sure about everybody else, but when I come across the option to connect my databases and upload information about them to Oracle or Microsoft-  I hit that "NO WAY IN HECK" button as fast as I can.  I also do not believe that a company the size of Oracle or Microsoft can make the best configuration decisions about my company's database needs and business.  That's what my company hired database professionals for... :)



Kellyn Pedersen
Multi-Platform DBA
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"Go away before I replace you with a very small and efficient shell script..."

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> I agree.  I'm just not ready to have all my databases "calling home to
> papa Larry" yet.  The service metrics are interesting, but it leaves me
> wondering just what all they are collecting in the call home job.  Is

As one of the lucky ones who's been able to use MOS since Monday evening, I'd be happy if I could get rid of that stupid orange box that tells me I'm not using OCM.  All I can do is shrink it a little.  Misleading and annoying, especially for our users who are not technical (e.g. for JDEdwards business issues).

And there's no way they're ever going to convince me that I need to connect my DB servers to the Internet, direct or by proxy.  Not gonna happen.  Ever.

Perhaps Oracle Corp needs two levels of Support -- one for those that don't want to manage their DBs and another for those of us that do.


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