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From: Michael Elkin <>
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 07:04:12 +0200
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Hi Alessandro,

I understand that you are trying to build on top of Oracle cluster something similar to what we have in RH cluster, HP SG cluster,Veritas or Sun cluster. In all cluster systems mentioned above for a classic single database (not RAC) we always created a package that included all required resources , like floating IP,DB startup/shutdown/check scripts and the same for the listener. As you can see from this paper this is possible to do in Oracle cluster as well but still this method is not officially supported , at least the example that is published in Oracle paper <<
Please do not call Oracle Support to discuss the scripts in this paper, this is an un-supported example

In my company we discussed the option to start using Oracle cluster instead of RH cluster for example but found very quickly that at this point Oracle cluster is not mature enough and robust to function as a normal cluster for any application in the world.
Oracle cluster is very good for RAC and ASM database management , it was designed for this purpose, it has all required predefined resources and dependencies for this.
But this is not the same situation when you are trying to use Oracle cluster software for something else.

srvctl utility is usually used to register and operate CRS predefined resources like Oracle database or ASM , when you do this you do not have to write startup/shutdown scripts by your own. In this example it was suggested to treat database as any other external resource that was not predefined by Oracle and supply to the cluster startup/shutdown/check scripts.

Deleting nodeapps was not so good idea, because nodeapps (gsd, default vip and default listener) are integral part of CRS resources. What about CRS log files, do you see any critical errors after you deleted nodeapps ?

By the way , what OS are we talking about ?


On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 12:06 PM, Alessandro Vercelli <>wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I'm building my first Clusterware couple of nodes (RHEL 5.3, Clusterware
> 11gR1, OCFS2 on ISCSI) with 2 Oracle 11gR1 databases (_single instance_);
> one db for each node, with failover on the other one.
> My aim is to create a resource group for each DB (vip + listener + db
> service) with dependance so that i can start/stop/relocate the whole
> resource group; I used an Oracle WhitePaper (
> as brief reference.
> Here my experiments (with crs commands):
> 1. When I installed (with OUI) Clusterware, it created automatically a
> couple of VIPs, one for each node. These are nodeapps, so I cannot modify
> them to be dependant from a main resource group; so I left these vips and
> created a resource group listener+db with dependance on vip, so i relocate
> the vip and the resource group follows.
> 2. To override the vip situation, I deleted nodeapps on both nodes and
> created a resource group with vip(usrvip)+listener+db; now I manage these 3
> resources with correct start/stop order, using a single resource group name.
> After I found some links that tell to use srvctl for Oracle databases but
> it to me seems this tool is for clustered databases, maybe not single
> instance?
> Are there any suggestions for this implementation?
> Many thanks,
> Alessandro
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Best Regards
Michael Elkin

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