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From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 18:04:09 -0400
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Well, alright then. Go forth and do no wrong.

Just keep in mind that VMWare does impose an I/O penalty, and 1Gb/sec can be a pretty small straw to pull data through in a decent size warehouse environment.

Feel free to email me offlist if you want to talk about specifics.


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My bad. Just talked to the SA. It is ESXi.

Matthew Zito wrote:
> We have a pile of these boxes, running against a Netapp, though, not a BlueArc (though I know and like the BlueArc folks).
> If you follow the Oracle recommendations it just works, though I am skeptical about the throughput available to you a) using VMWare, b) using traditional Ethernet. I don't suppose you're using 10Gb on the physical host side?
> Also, remember, as many people here have pointed out, Oracle does not officially support Oracle on VMWare. Just keep that in mind.
> Oh, and why VMWare server instead of ESXi? Just curious.
> Matt
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