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From: Tony van Lingen <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 15:26:04 +1000
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We do use Nagios extensively and in combination with Orca (for trend analysis). Nagios Plugins does come with a plugin for oracle which can do some basic checks, but if you want to do more intensive monitoring you can easily write your own plugins (in Perl for example).

A (somewhat old) example package of what we use is available at - it refers to Netsaint, which is what Nagios used to be called.


Around 11/09/2009 6:19 AM, Allen, Brandon said:
> I think you might want to start with getting some more detail on
> exactly what your manager is looking for. In your quote from him, you
> said "manage" the databases, but in your subject you say
> "monitoring". OEM/Grid Control/DB Control/SQL*Plus work fine for
> /managing/ databases, and the first 3 are usually sufficient for
> /monitoring/ also if you have Diagnostics Pack licensed. If you don't
> have that, and you want to monitor and send alerts, your best bet is
> probably Nagios along with some custom scripts and/or some of the
> available plug-ins such as Monocle or those available here:
> Disclaimer: I've never used Nagios or Monocle, but I've heard lots of
> good things about Nagios on this list in the past (search the
> archives). I've only looked at Monocle briefly and it looks
> promising, but I haven't had time to actually implement it yet.
> I'm currently using custom scripts and HP OpenView to monitor my
> databases, but planning to switch to Nagios soon.
> Regards,
> Brandon
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