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From: kyle Hailey <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 13:07:33 -0700
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There's 3 things I hear
  1. Management - create users, add datafiles, etc
  2. Systems Monitoring = 24x7 alerts
  3. Performance Monitoring - what's the load, is there a problem, how to fix it

For 1 DB Artisan you already have and should address this well For 2 something like Nagios can be good if you want to do it yourself For 3, DB Optimizer is the best and the cheapest is DB Optimizer, see

Of course I'm biased about DB Optimizer. I wanted a tool like DB Optimizer after my experiences contributing to the redesign of the OEM performance pages ( and being frustrated with the clunky UI limitations.

DB Optimizer works on Oracle 8 - 11 with out any install. Just point it at the database. It does ASH style collection (less than 1% of one CPU  overhead) ie doesn't touch the licensed ASH table but collects it on its own ( see for more info on doing this yourself for free)
DB Optimizer's licenses is unlimited data sources and CPUs for $1500 where as diagnostics pack needed to for ASH and the correpsonding OEM screens is $5000 per cpu per database.
DB Optimizer also load tests SQL statements, tunes queries both with hints and rewrites and has a full SQL editor with code assist, type a head, and syntax checking. We are adding powerful functionaltiy at a fast pace, for example we go beta next week with additional funcitonality of diagrams SQL : see Feel free to write me directly if you'd like to participate in the beta.

Kyle Hailey

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