From: Maureen English <sxmte_at_email.alaska.edu>
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 21:36:51 -0800
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I just moved a database from one filesystem to another, edited the init.ora file to find the control files in the correct location, started up the database, renamed all of the datafiles, logfiles and tempfiles, and opened the database. No errors were reported and I could connect to the database and do some simple queries.

One of my checks was to verify log rolls. The alert log shows log rolls, but the timestamps on all of the files are from April 24! It's likely that nothing changed since April 24th, but I really did expect to see changes from today, especially timestamps on the log files.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? When I looked further, I found that the same is true for all of our RHEL5 databases.

Any comments?

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