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Yes, it started out as a pile of #_at_%@, but as it got analyzed more and more it turned out to be fertilizer, and it was good.

Anyone ever type a long response and attempt to use the backspace key to correct a typo and suddenly find that that actually meant go to some previous page (like using the back button), and lose all your typing?

I have run across that behaviour more than once. Other times also I have lost typing. One has to remember to copy before doing some operations, but the backspace key is really a hard one to 'copy' before correcting.

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Perhaps the ulterior motive (from reading the previous posts), is so many people are going to be negatively impacted without MetaLink Classic being available, support will get fewer SR's, therefore mid-level management can tell Larry "See, the product and our new support option have drastically reduced the number of SR's filed, therefore our product is becoming easier to use and less buggy".


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