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From: Bill Ferguson <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 07:13:02 -0600
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I recently had a lucid moment and realized that if/when "Classic" goes away, My Oracle Support will be sending me back in time 15 or so years to where all of my support was handled over the phone.

I won't be able to send them the files they think they need, or the ones I think they need, and once again I will be relegated back to the point where there is the communication problem since all I speak is English and I have a problem sometimes with heavy accents.

They better have some pretty sharp folks available on the phone lines, and available on the weekends when I need help. At least for most of my problems/questions I can simply do a Google search and find my answers, then I use the OTN forums and this list, and if I still have a serious problem, then I finally resort to Oracle Support.

As an aside, I personally like the ability to see all of the SR's created by anybody in our organization. We are pretty big and spread all acorss the country and have terrible in-house communications with each other and everybody is doing or working on, so this way it gives me chance to seee what others are doing or having problems with, so if I'm thinking of going that way also, there may be somebody else in the organization I can talk with. It also gives me a fairly good idea of who not to talk with, based on some of the SR's I've seen filed. Those folks would just be a huge waste of time to talk to.


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