Re: Suggestion on instructor-led online or in-class courses

From: Jeremy Schneider <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 22:37:15 -0500
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Sorry, that's right... my mistake. :) FYI, it's not strictly required that you take the course through Oracle University - and maybe someone else will offer it a little cheaper... but that is really a rip.

Beta exams are cheaper than the regular ones; I don't know if there are equivalent "beta classes" -- also the classes are often offered at events like Collaborate and Open World although I'm not sure if they are cheaper either.


Jack van Zanen wrote:
> I believe in the grand scheme of corporate greed it is now (since
> oracle 9) required to have completed at least one oracle course.
> Just knowing your stuff is just not good enough.

Jeremy Schneider
Chicago, IL

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