"Practicing" Oracle performance tuning ...

From: Ramesh Geecee <rameshgeecee_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 13:40:24 +0530
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Hi Listers,
I am newbie to the DBA / Performance tuning world and was wondering if there were some environments available to "practice" performance tuning in realistic situations. I have been a PL/SQL developer for a while and know a little bit about pro-active performance tuning during development. But again the kinds of problems faced on "Real" systems as opposed to "Dev" boxes are very different, I guess - I never had access to a Production side of things.

Some of the questions that I have are:
1. Where does one get started with performance tuning? 2. Various tuning exercises need to be tried on boxes other than Production first - so how does one make the test box similar to what the production has?
3. What sets of built-in tools are generally useful in real life situations? 4. What about any commercial utilities?

I would really appreciate responses to this request of mine.


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