survey - DBA structure in your company ?

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Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 13:51:51 -0400
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We are a reasonably large corporation, with 650 Oracle databases. We are having a bit of internal discussion going on concerning different support models:

(1) Having separation of duties for DBAs: one DBA area in responsible for
infrastructure across all databases and another group doing application DBA work across multiple application databases, closer to the applications and their data or
(2) Doing DBA work in silos: one DBA would be responsible for a certain
set of applications and databases end-to-end, responsible for all infrastructure and application data work for that set of applications

We currently have a structure like this:

We have systems DBAs that are responsible for the database infrastructure - installing the server software & patching, tuning at the instance level, monitoring db server capacity, backup & recovery, adding sizing datafiles, disaster recovery, database creation, user & security administration, 24x7 level 3 support.

We have application DBAs that are closer to the application data, and are responsible for creating and maintaining the application schema objects
(tables, indexes, etc), some SQL statement tuning, logical backups
(exp/imp) of application objects, data loads, 24x7 level 2 support.

I am curious what other folks are doing.

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