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Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 19:40:20 -0500
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Like most things oracle... "It depends"

In large shops > 500 databases I don't think there is a way around the silo (app/system) approach - "today". There are probably just too many dbs involved to keep things standardized and maintainable.

My environment is >1500 databases and we have about 10 dbas to handle system work, I think there are well over 50 app dbas, for the most part the skills don't overlap at all. In this environment you are definitely going to loose major skills where as to severely limit your career. Unless you spend your free time playing with the other side of the technology.

The real problem I have with it is, management is constantly trying to divide an conquer and that's easiest to do in a silo approach and even easier on the system side of things. So, I find my work has gotten highly process orientated and technologically "dumbed down". (so "anyone" could support it). To get anything done , you might as well have both hands tied behind your back and type with a pencil in your mouth.

When I started there about 5 years ago, there were small teams of about 5-8 dbas pretty much grouped by application. A very good well rounded  atmosphere.

The first swipe was get everyone together to support each others apps, then downsize, then split app/system - then outsource. Install more processes so every breath can be counted and continue to "manage" the "team" to be "more efficient", repeat above.

I used to really like oracle :) wrote:
> We are a reasonably large corporation, with 650 Oracle databases. We
> are having a bit of internal discussion going on concerning different
> support models:
> (1) Having separation of duties for DBAs: one DBA area in responsible
> for infrastructure across all databases and another group doing
> application DBA work across multiple application databases, closer to
> the applications and their data or
> (2) Doing DBA work in silos: one DBA would be responsible for a
> certain set of applications and databases end-to-end, responsible for
> all infrastructure and application data work for that set of applications
> We currently have a structure like this:
> We have systems DBAs that are responsible for the database
> infrastructure - installing the server software & patching, tuning at
> the instance level, monitoring db server capacity, backup & recovery,
> adding sizing datafiles, disaster recovery, database creation, user &
> security administration, 24x7 level 3 support.
> We have application DBAs that are closer to the application data, and
> are responsible for creating and maintaining the application schema
> objects (tables, indexes, etc), some SQL statement tuning, logical
> backups (exp/imp) of application objects, data loads, 24x7 level 2
> support.
> I am curious what other folks are doing.

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