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        First question, is this a purchased or locally built application?

        Id it's a purchased, commercial off the shelf application, then a call to the vendor is very appropriate because if you mess with their schema they may have a number of problems (and unpleasant resolutions for your company thereto).

        If it's locally built, then were are the developers? They should be incorporating these requirements into the base application.

        On the whole, asking you to do this type of work is somewhat out of line with the tasks of a DBA.

Dick Goulet

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The only other database available is one where they want an exact duplicate of this one I have here in Denver (the other is in Reston, VA), and we're trying to use Shareplex to accomplish that goal. So any changes here are (almost instantly) replicated to the other system, and vice versa, so tracking the changes becomes even more problematic, as an extra check needs to made to exclude replication changes.

Each data table already has basic info, update_date, updated_by, insert_date, inserted_by. I also have a procedure fired off through a trigger, so whenever a change is made, the procedure loops through all the tables for that 'master' record and generates a XML-type CLOB field of the previous version of all the data before the change. With this, it's easy for me design something similar to how Wikipedia tracks and displays changes, with the added benefit of seeing everything in context, not merely the new and old vlaues of a field.

-- Bill Ferguson

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> What about using Oracle Streams ? Or if not possible use logminer.
> You would only have to dump some extra info in the transaction to
> 'bind it' to a specific user.
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