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        GOD bless you, you've taken on much more than I would be willing to.

Dick Goulet

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This is a highly custom database, built by me with occasional input from management. They just unloaded this new 'requirement' on me the other day, and I finally got in writing exactly what it is they think they want.

But, I also have tons of other duties besides DBA and develpment work. I also have to support the LAN and the computers for this office, work as DBA and developer on another database here in Denver (which doesn't have these 'requirements'), and try to work with the projects that potentially will be the users and content editors of the database I'm having management problems with.

I estimate with these requirements, and my other duties, this will put off the database to widespread usage until sometime next year. I don't think I'm to far off telling management this level of detail, especially with building a new application from scratch to query, report, and automate a 'Revert' capability is a severe waste of time for something that will probably only be used by the two people (in management) wanting this ability to produce useless reports, solely so they can impress themselves.

Working with the potential users to find out what their data needs are going to be, and implementing additional tables, fields, reports, entry screens, etc. is going to be a lot of work as it is, and this management hasn't even begun to consider this.

Basically it's a severe 'database philosophy' disagreement between 'my home office' region and the 'project HQ' region, with basically only me doing all the work and trying to prioritize things in the proper order. We estimate that during a busy year, we might have 50 different users through the course of that year, all PhD's, entering a few corrections or additions to known mineral sites for current and future science studies.

-- Bill Ferguson

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> Bill,
>        First question, is this a purchased or locally built
> application?
>        Id it's a purchased, commercial off the shelf application, then
> a call to the vendor is very appropriate because if you mess with their
> schema they may have a number of problems (and unpleasant resolutions
> for your company thereto).
>        If it's locally built, then were are the developers?  They
> should be incorporating these requirements into the base application.
>        On the whole, asking you to do this type of work is somewhat out
> of line with the tasks of a DBA.
> Dick Goulet
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