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I think we are slightly moving off-topic here. The original poster wanted to compare the various speeds of the methodologies, not if the methodologies themselves were do-able.  

Using RMAN may or may not represent a time-savings from his original intended purpose - to move the data fast with minimal downtime - because it will REQUIRE you to keep the source database tablespaces in READONLY mode while they are:  

  1. Being Backed up
  2. Being moved across a network, perhaps
  3. Being restored to a new target.

Since an endian change is being made, archive log application methodology is out of the picture.      

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If you are on Oracle 10gR2, it is more easily to convert the database across platforms using RMAN. I have done this quite few times and succeeded.  



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We are doing a database migration from AIX to Linux. Our database is 600gb. Has anyone used the rman convert database method to migrate the database? Do you have any timings you can share, especially compared to expdp/impdp? Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of time to try it out myself.

Thanks in advance!


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