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Hi Richard,

thank you for your reply.

I'm sorry for being unclear in my post- I didn't perform a full export/import which you implied, it was only required to move 2 schemas to the new database which I did using the schemas= parameter.

The "shell" database into which I imported was a with InterMedia (and some other required options) installed.

In the meantime I found Note 224952.1 on Metalink, it explains why the package is not available in 9i later. Should anyone google for this, the ORDWEBUTL package was part of the 8i InterMedia Web Agent/Clipboard which has not been ported to 9i.



Goulet, Richard wrote:
> Martin,
> Well to start with according to Metalink Doc Id 228482.1 ORDSYS
> does not get included in a full export/import. Second did you install
> Intermedia in the target database?? If not maybe Metalink Doc Id
> 220018.1 would help.
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> Dear list members,
> I have recently migrated a database from SPARC to on
> Linux*.
> On my end, the data went in fine (I can only recommend impdp and a low
> latency/high throughput network_link :), but some code doesn't compile
> because it references ORDSYS.ORDWEBUTL.
> This puzzles me a bit - I could of course use dbms_metadata.get_ddl to
> get the package and all the tables it references from the source
> database but I was startled that I couldn't find any reference to it on
> metalink or
> I found reference to the package in Oracle 8.1.5 and it's supposedly in
> _at_$ORACLE_HOME/ord/web/admin/ordwebutl.sql. Unfortunately, this files
> neither exists on my system, nor the source.
> Can anyone shed some light on the history of that package? My best guess
> is that it's a legacy from 8i which has always been migrated up to 10.1.
> Thanks!
> Martin
> * it wasn't my decision not to migrate to :)
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