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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 12:57:16 -0000
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I used Orca to produce an Oracle performance recording tool ( ). Orca does all the heavy lifting; my piece extracts data from Statspack/AWR into the space-separated format needed. This is all Open Source, so you are free to re-use for your situation.

RRDTool is at the heart of Orca, and is great if you are satisfied with the long-term diminuition of precision necessary to keep datasets to a fixed size. It does allow you to keep long term trend records whilst disposing of old data from your database in a sensible fashion.

If the data is something you expect to keep in an Oracle database, then Perl's DBI would be my tool of choice, but that's because I already know how to use it :-).


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Guys ,

Thanks a ton for all your valuable replies . I was surprised to see no one using rrdtool .
I thought it is widely used by oracle community . Would like to know if anyone is using RRDTOOL ?!!!

Hi Tanel , Many thanks for that excel . Let me try that too .

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