Re: making graphical reports from oracle metrics

From: Grant Allen <>
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2008 22:25:37 +1100
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Bort, Guillermo wrote:
> Well, I would love to try it, and I'm actually downloading it for our testing environment, however IT Security Dept and Middle Management rejected my proposal to implement rrdtool even for testing and development dbs. Apparently Open Source does not go well with the company.

For anyone suffering from the diktat of those in management averse to open source, might I suggest you try out Google chartserver ...

It's basically a REST-style API. You form a URL based on a stream of numbers or data, desired labels, chart type, etc. (to all intents and purposes meaningless to everyone but you). Poke said URL, and it hands back an attractive bar chart, pie chart, histogram, or whatever takes your fancy. Embedded the png in a page, print it, paste it into your favourite management dashboard, whatever. It has the advantage that there is nothing to install, is platform independent, etc., and only requires the ability to poke a URL. Of course, we'll put ads in your chart :-) (just kidding)

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