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From: Taylor, Chris David <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 08:18:46 -0500
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So how many of you are responsible for examining your database servers for hardware/software faults when it crashes? Not the database, but the actual machine?  

We recently had a server crash that reported problems when it came back up. It has also saved a dumpfile to be examined and it reported problems during the POST routine.  

Now I get this email from my DBA manager: (paraphrased)  


John [pc/lan mgr] requested that we try to put our finger on what caused MachineA to failover on Saturday. I looked through the logs extensively today [uh huh] and couldn't find anything - can you look around too and see if you find anything?"  


(Obviously names changed)  

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood this morning....grrrr      

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