Re: Long connect time when one node in RAC goes down

From: Yechiel Adar <>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 19:19:52 +0300
Message-id: <>

Hello Mark

We connect from the client with failover and load balance to vip-node1 and vip-node2.
We pulled the plug on node2.
Oracle moved vip-node2 to node1, of course there is no listener on that address + port in node1.
We run connections with trace and found out that whenever we access via vip-node2 we have two errors in the trace file: 1) 12541 - no listener - (as expected) takes about 1 second to return the error.
2) 12535 - tns time out - takes about 6-7 seconds to return the error.

After the error, sql net use vip-node1 and make a connection.

We would like to eliminate the 12535 errors and shorted the 1 second for the 12541.

I do not see where the local listener and remote listeners as of any concern here.

Adar Yechiel
Rechovot, Israel

Bobak, Mark wrote:
> Are you sure you are referencing *only* the VIP, and *NOT* the physical IP, not only in the connect string definition, but also in the local_listener, and remote_listener parameter, on all nodes? Please check all of these.
> -Mark
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> Mark J. Bobak

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