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It seems that oracle support is assuming the same thing in terms of AWR . i recently upgraded a database to 10.2 and had soem performance issues . the first tihng that support asked was for 2 AWR reports rather than the standard RDA request. Whne i told them we were not licensed  they went to saying that i needed to download sqlt which is the enhanced sql explain paln and run that.  I did provide them with sql test case builder  case of he problem.This was on 10.2..0.4 and even on the upgrade oracle support's directo recommended was to start using STS  without even asking or evaluating what the cusotmeri s licensed for . 


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Good one :)
I'm quite interested in poll results... When I asked how many people had Diagnostics and Tuning pack licensed during my presentation at Hotsos Symposium this year, about half the people in the room raised their hands. 
This came as quite a surprise to me, as in my experience only a small minority of Oracle sites have had these packs licensed and in use. Of course, Hotsos Symposium being a performance conference probably has somewhat different attendee profile than usual "general-purpose" conferences...
Tanel Poder


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I am curious about the acceptance and usage of AWR (Active Workload Repository)

This has been around a few years now, and I see some bits of conversations
where the assumption is made that AWR is available when troubleshooting a problem.

Such is not always the case however, as AWR is a separately licensed product.

Don't forget, ASH (Active Session History) is also part of AWR, and subject
to the same licensing restrictions.

Which brings me to the poll.

This should take a couple of minutes at the most, as there are only 
10 multiple choice questions.  There is room for a written response to many 
of the questions as well, should you feel the need to embellish.

This poll is open until 8/31/2008.  It is set to a maximum of 500 responses,
which is probably sufficient.


Jared Still
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