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From: GovindanK <>
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 05:21:57 UT
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 I am bit late in jumping onto this. I have been using Oracle Replication , Procedural in production in the last 6+ years; Replicated data to Sybase too (Programmatic). Had a taste of Streams also. I would put my money on Oracle Replication. You might have difficulty setting it up and running initially , but once you are past that stage, i am sure you will not like any other solution. It is good and reliable. I have also seen guys fear Replication and go the 3rd party way. I will anytime back Oracle Replication. There is a good book available 'Oracle Distributed Systems' by OReilly. A bit outdated though but conceptwise good.

HTH GovindanK

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  Have a good question from a friend of mine who's not on the   list - wondering if anyone else would have input. Reply-all   so that Steve can see the replies too - anyone have additional   thoughts about this?
  Jeremy Schneider
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