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Have a good question from a friend of mine who's not on the list - wondering if anyone else would have input. Reply-all so that Steve can see the replies too - anyone have additional thoughts about this?

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 Between two geo-separated RAC databases, say one on west coast, the other on east coast.

What is the recommended method for keeping both up to date, but not necessarily immediately up to date.

There's concern from developers that:

  1. Oracle replication between sites would be too slow because it's trigger based and would seriously impact performance, especially during heavy traffic time.
  2. Oracle replication is end-of-life for Oracle Streams. We're concerned about streams in that it's quite complex.

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Replication is probably the best Oracle-centric option. It depends a lot on the volume of updates and the data types you're using. There are also some third-party solutions available. This would be a great question to post on the oracle-l list too if you wanted some good feedback. Mind if I forward it over there?


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