Re: Moving application to RAC

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 07:52:53 -0500
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I don't recall seeing any replies to your post and I think that's actually a good thing because there are few, if any, "general pointers" on possible problems. As many of us have learned over time, RAC responds very differently to different applications. What works well for one will cripple another. So, the only general pointer I will offer is that you must build a realistic test of your customer's environment and validate that everything works as you expect. In your specific case, I don't think it is especially relevant that they are running on Solaris. If you can obtain the same Oracle version on your favorite platform (for example, Linux), I think the results you'll see will be very similar to those on the Solaris platform. Sure, there are platform-specific bugs on all platforms, but you should at least find the "general pointers" you're looking for.

I'd especially pay attention to the application behavior when a node and/or instance failure happens. Next, you should plan to apply some application-level stress to the system and monitor performance to determine if there are hot spots that require application changes or tuning to remove.

Good luck!

Fred Tilly wrote:
Hi All,

We have a new customer for our application who will be running it on an Oracle RAC Cluster on Solaris. This will be our first customer running our application on a cluster, in fact we have not even tested the application in house on a cluster.

Can someone provide some general pointers on possible problems we could encounter when moving to a RAC environment.

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