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From: William Wagman <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 16:40:35 -0700
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I find myself again frustrated with Oracle support and I'm looking for some feedback. I recently encountered difficulties with CRS functioning on a two node cluster running on 32-bit linux with Oracle SE. I opened an SR with Oracle and ultimately the problem was resolved by turning off firewalls and insuring that SELinux was not enabled. I am not completely aware of the firewall configurations as those are handled by the system administrator. At any rate, when the problems were resolved I asked the analyst for some information regarding firewall configurations and CRS and he offered that if we have Linux support from Oracle he could ask the linux group. He said this was a question re CRS pre-requisites. I'm puzzled, I would expect that if these are in fact CRS pre-requisites that Oracle should be able to answer them, after all, isn't CRS an Oracle product? I'm not sure how to respond or if I am even expecting too much from them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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