Re: RAC patch with lib/lib32/bin differences

From: Martin Klier <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 16:28:17 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Hi Martin,

OSS suggested to roll back the patch, and reinstate it. Since the system hasn't been in production yet, I decided to reinstall the whole RDBMS and patch it prior to instance generation. This worked very well.

The only "other" Oracle software on the RAC was the 10g grid control agent in a different agent_home directory.


Martin Bach schrieb:
> Hi Martin!
> I realised I had forgotten that you mentioned the OUI logfile when I
> clicked on the send button.
> I have since then applied patch on a 32 bit SE RAC installation
> and compared $ORACLE_HOME/lib, $ORACLE_HOME/bin on both hosts. I also
> checked some directories in the cluterware home. All libraries and
> binaries except for a few (8) xxxO binaries which are generated as
> backups have identical sizes and timestamps, but again, that's been the
> Linux 32bit patch. Sorry but I can't be of more help.
> Just out of curiosity: you don't have another Oracle software release on
> the same machine?
> Best regards,
> Martin
> Martin Klier wrote:

>> Hi Martin,
>> Martin Bach schrieb:
>>> Did the propagation fail for CRS _and_ the database/asm or was it
>>> limited to either of the two? Is there any indication of problems in the
>>> OUI log? Sometimes time differences on the nodes can cause issues.
>> Please have another look on my post:
>>>> recently I patched one of my 2-node-RACs on Linux x86_64 to
>>>> The patch on Node1 and the propagating of the patch to Node2
>>>> did not show any error, as well as the DB instance patching script
>>>> (does
>>>> not matter for this case).
>> Clarification: There has been no single error or warning message, all
>> went optically perfectly well.
>> In the meantime, we are experiencing problems we did not have in
>> Using a DB link from this RAC to other databases out ouf
>> php5/oci application, causing truble when using SELECT * FROM clauses.
>> Queries with dedicated filed lists are not affected. Using SQL*PLUS
>> avoids this.
>> SELECT* FROM does not cause trouble for local objects.
>> I am stumped.
>> Regards
>> Martin Klier

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