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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 12:43:41 +0300
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In 11g, Oracle introduced a new concept of 'Snapshot Standby Database/Active Standby' which enables you to open standby in RW mode (for testing, development purpose) and easily revert back it to standby mode again.

However, in 10g, it is very well possible, In fact, I did discuss this on my blog :

Mr. Alejandro documented the above clearly at this presentation:



On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 12:44 AM, Ravi Gaur <> wrote:

> We have a 10gR2 production database (~1.4TB) that has a physical standby
> on a remote server. The developers and DA folks want to utilize the standby
> for configuration testing of some new tools and we're leaning towards the
> flashback option in 10g.
> A high level thought is to -
> 1) Defer the archive log destination on production
> 2) Setup flashback redo-logs on the production database
> 3) Open the physical standby for RW
> 4) Allow the developers to work in it and make changes
> 5) At the end of the day, use flashback to restore the database back to
> being a standby. Generate/apply a new standby controlfile, if needed.
> Anyone thinks this is going to work and has actually done anything
> similar? I'll really appreciate if anyone can share the steps there.
> TIA,
> - Ravi Gaur

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