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Thanks for the info and documents.....I am reading them now.

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I wrote a whitepaper and have presented an associated technical session many times with better than average reviews titled "RAC For Beginners: The Basics" that may be helpful.

You'll find both the whitepaper and presentation slides at </plug>

If you have specific questions about the content I wrote, please let me know.

Good luck in your steep learning curve--you're definitely in the right place as this list typically does a great job helping (as long as there's evidence that the sender is trying to help themselves too).


Terrian, Thomas J Mr CTR DLA J6DIB wrote:
> We are just now starting the process of looking at RAC. So far, I am
> pretty much overwhelmed by all of the different acronyms, products,
> terms, etc. I am lost.....
> For those of you who are using RAC, how many are using the Oracle
> Cluster File System software instead of vendor supplied software? HP
> coming in tomorrow to pitch their HP Serviceguard CFS software. Does
> anyone use this for their RAC?
> Thanks,
> Tom
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