From: Svetoslav Gyurov <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 11:03:46 +0200
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Hi Tom,

I would say that it depends on the purpose and do you actually need cluster file system ? As we all know since release of Oracle10g, Automatic Storage Management and Cluster Ready Services you don't need third party vendor cluster software anymore, because CRS (Cluster Ready Services) and ASM (Automatic Storage Management) are enough for the purpose. I haven't used HP ServiceGuard CFS and probably I'll never used it because its too expensive, but I'd rather use HP ServiceGuard and HP ServiceGuard extension for RAC. Please take a look at thread "multipath slvm hp-ux 11.23 - asm or raw" from first of February where we discussed similar topic and what are the options for installing RAC on HP-UX (as it seems that your OS is HP-UX?).


Terrian, Thomas J Mr CTR DLA J6DIB wrote:
> We are just now starting the process of looking at RAC. So far, I am
> pretty much overwhelmed by all of the different acronyms, products,
> terms, etc. I am lost.....
> For those of you who are using RAC, how many are using the Oracle
> Cluster File System software instead of vendor supplied software? HP is
> coming in tomorrow to pitch their HP Serviceguard CFS software. Does
> anyone use this for their RAC?
> Thanks,
> Tom
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