Re: datafiles on NFS?

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:52:14 +0000
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Oh yes and here in all it's glory along with my comments on Kevin's blog is the reply I got from support when I was looking at this - make of it what you will


Hi Niall,

It's true, there is no list of OSCP anymore (web pages have been removed), but if NFS on Linux is
used, this will be Ok with us for supporting issues (Note: 236826.1).

So I did get a useful link in the end, the highlights of the note being the support statement I wanted

"The current support includes ext2, ext3 and NFS-based storage systems (e.g.
NetApp). To be acceptable for database usage, the file system must support certain minimum functions such as write acknowledgement, write-through cache and file permissions. Counter examples are simple NFS, which lacks acknowledge and VFAT, which lacks file permissions."

and this note full of eastern promise, as the Fry's Turkish Delight adverts used to say, for Linux filesystem support

"Your choice of which [filesystem] to use then becomes based on
supportability, reliability, security and performance. Oracle generally does not certify file systems and does certify operating systems, but Linux is a specific case. On different Linux distributions, Oracle might choose to have certifications on different filesystems. When a problem is encontered, if a non-supported filesystem is being used for Oracle data, control and redo log files, Oracle will try to reproduce the problem on a supported and certified filesystem. If the problem does not reproduce on a certified filesystem, the specific filesystem / O/S vendor should be engaged for resolution."

In short run it by support. That said a dodgy SAN doesn't inspire confidence either.

Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA

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