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This is a very open ended question that gets asked from time to time. I enjoy reading everyone's 2 cents on this since my own view of the dba landscape is obviously limited by my own experience. Personally, I do think the landscape is changing. The database is undoubtedly getting easier to manage. This is especially true in smb's where many of the database product's default settings don't need to be tinkered with and the wizard-type features increasingly prove useful. There will always be a need to understand the concepts and underlying technology but I do think that people can start at a higher level of the technology stack and be ok 99% of the time. The improvements in database manageability must be viewed as an opportunity. I'm 32 years old and I plan on a long future as a 'dba'. Over the last year I've started to venture into development and have found that I thoroughly enjoy that type of work. As a dba I understand that security, manageability and scalability must be considered as systems are developed...not once they are ready to move into production. Many careers can be made by realizing that fact alone. If you don't enjoy development there are many other areas that I feel will be in high demand for many years. DBA's are the stewards of the company's most valued asset. Data.

I can see many other IT functions being outsourced or rendered obsolete. I just don't see forward thinking CIO's getting rid of intelligent, hard working database professionals. They offer too much strategic advantage for companies to get rid of.

Having said that...I do plan on picking up some knowledge of Mysql + a general programming language...probably python. I don't want all of my eggs in one basket. :)

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I agree with the technical guys. Sure, in general businesses want DBA's to be communicate more on the business level... but for those that don't need the big bucks... well lets just say, if you can't live without a DBA, then you need them.

Even with the 'GUI', who is actually going to recover. (the outsource from India of course).

But there are just loads of things to do technically in oracle. Believe me, as the sole DBA in the last two companies, I can assure you that keeping up is hard to do.

Let along know all the moving parts.

Joel Patterson
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Hi List,
Bit defeatist and off-topic, I admit, but I'd like to hear what's the opinion on future of our profession and which way to go. My experiences:
1995 - Oracle DBA collegaue says: it will all be automated - no DBA's needed ( no real threat, now we know)
1999 y2k, no work, Yourdon predicts y2k/programmer Armageddon; I work both as Oracle DBA and programmer, just to survive 2001/2 we know what happened; IT doesn't matter ( Carr ); that ended too 2007 I experienced firsthand offshoring to India ( works quite well )

What I read in trade press is that DBA's and geeks in general can't be just technical any more, we must get into business side. What does list think ? If we all must be more business savvy, what's the best way to get into it from where we are now ? Data modeling ?
Suggestions, ideas, thoughts please.


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