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From: Vincent verpoort <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 07:41:09 +0100
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He Ranko,

What im seeing here in the Netherlands more and more it that they expect you to be more business minded and there starting to ask dba's to be more application administrators then read dba's. There trying to get the dba to manage more different applications.

All i all dba will never die out but i think they will be expected to be more into other aspects of the business as well.

On 3/4/08, Yechiel Adar <> wrote:
> In my opinion we exist only to serve the business.
> We need to know what people are doing and why in order to match the best
> solution to their needs.
> I never allow a new application to get a foot hold in the databases
> unless they send me the data on the intended application.
> Thats means: who asked for it, what is the business need what is the
> intended solution etc.
> We also assign each new application to a member of the dba team who sits
> in during the design stage and then follow up until the system is in
> production.
> Adar Yechiel
> Rechovot, Israel
> Ranko Mosic wrote:
> > What I read in trade press is that DBA's and geeks in general can't be
> > just technical any more, we must get into business side.
> > What does list think ? If we all must be more business savvy,
> > what's the best way to get into it from where we are now ? Data modeling ?
> > Suggestions, ideas, thoughts please.
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