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From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 22:18:48 -0000
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Thanks - Brain didn't catch up with last post there.


I recall Tanel Poder making some comments about "private threads" having space reserved in the log file - do you have a very large value for the 'transactions' parameter: which would require a lot of private threads, which possibly might pre-empt a lot of space in the logs then not use it. (10.2, 64Bit - private threads can take 128Kb each, and threads = ceil(transactions / 10)


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> Hey Jonathon,
> I think he's saying the logs switch when they grow to only 2-to-6 Megabytes
> -- not every 2-to-6 minutes. In other words, "why aren't the logs filling
> before switching?"
> Rich

>> 20M in 2 to 6 minutes isn't really very much - I assume the
>> puzzle is why have things changed.

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