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RE: oracle/solaris 10 memory and swap

From: Goulet, Dick <>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 10:34:09 -0400
Message-ID: <>

General Unix rule of thumb is that swap must be twice real ram. That's been around for a VERY long time & never fails. BTW: from the Oracle Solaris installation manual:  

2.2 Checking the Hardware Requirements

The system must meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

RAM Swap Space

Between 1024 MB and 2048 MB

1.5 times the size of RAM

Between 2049 MB and 8192 MB

Equal to the size of RAM

More than 8192 MB

0.75 times the size of RAM


That comes to 12GB in your case.  

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>My sysadmin says 8g swap is plenty. Before I ask him to show me his
Oracle dba credentials, can someone point me to a somewhere that has more informatiion on this.

I runned a 9207 RAC on Solaris 9 64bits, with vxvm also and suncluster 3.0 (2-node), DISM configured and used, and have in the past problem due to swap shortage.  

Sorry I cannot tell you specifics abot Solaris 10 (for the shmmax settings), but based on the previous experience, allocating 12 Gbyte of swap for a 16 Gbyte node is not unreasonable at all.  

If the sysadm gets picky about this, tell him to put in writing the decision :-)  


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