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From: Keith Moore <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 22:28:41 -0500 (CDT)
Message-ID: <>

Not sure, but this sounds similar to a problem I had.

I did a complete restore, but did not have the redo logs. Right before the backup, I did a "switch logfile" and then shutdown the database and backed up all archive logs.

I did an imcomplete recovery, which was in reality a full recovery because all transactions were in the archive logs. When I applied the archive logs and tried to open the database, it said recovery was still needed. I checked SCNs on all data files and they matched.

There is a Metalink note that describes this situation. I don't have the number with me, but the solution was to find the name of the current redo log (that did not exist), and "apply" that file. This give an error, since the file does not exist, but at that point, the database will open.

BTW, this recover was needed when Veritas corrupted most of the data files when a storage array was moved from one server to another identical server. No explanation from the SAs, other than "Hmmmm...that's very strange". One more case to add to my list of "nothing can go wrong, the storage system can't fail, but somehow it does".


> This should be a simple clone and I have done it a million times. However,
> finding the space and cloning a 200+Gb with over 188 files is difficult
> especially when you don't have the space readily available to clone to.
> So here I am exhausted trying to bring a database open after incomplete
> recovery. I have checked and double-checked that I have done a begin
> backup...cp,,,end backup on each datafile, have a controlfile and database
> in mounted stated, have all the logs - in fact, apply logs that I know were
> created far after the backup.
> mounted database
> recover database using backup controlfile until cancel
> endless applying of archive logs
> I cannot open the database with resetlogs. I cannot open it at all. I am
> getting that error that not all my files are in-synch. sigh.
> Any good ideas out there - maybe I just need another set of eyes. :)
> Thanks,
> Paula
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Received on Thu Apr 12 2007 - 22:28:41 CDT

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