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Re: Quest monitoring vs OEM

From: Sinardy Xing <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 18:05:22 +0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Dianna,

Thanks for your recommendation, but I think I will not bring up the product during the consideration, because too many products the manager may get blur and confuse, actually I think Quest is good for us because we have that product for many years and people in the shop know how to use the product and the report generated is already friendly for managers, and I don't think this is enough to justify why we must invest in that product. I have to do this comparison because the Oracle Sales try to sell OEM to us. Well... :) Extra job for me.

Hi Dennis,
I think OEM Application Management Pack for Siebel is not ready for end to end monitoring, right?

Thanks so much for reading and give feedback,


On 3/24/07, DIANNA GIBBS <> wrote:
> Sinardy,
> You should also look at Ignite for Oracle by Confio during your
> evaluation.
> We've been using it for over a year and are really happy with the product
> and results. It's saved us a tremendous amount of time and still amazes
> me how it can so
> easily find exacatly what is causing the slowness to the system and the
> performance issues, either right at the time or you can go back and look
> at prior data
> for issues in the past. And the reports and screen shots are great for
> showing management
> and development staff your findings. The utility focuses on wait events
> and
> very little overhead on the monitored instances.
> It's a great product.
> >>> "Dennis Williams" <> 03/22/07 10:45 AM >>>
> Sinardy,
> If possible, try to go for a tool that can measure end-to-end in your
> clients application environment.
> If you use OEM for other monitoring, that would be a point in its favor,
> just one tool to manage, maintain, etc.
> Try to dampen your boss' enthusiasm. Managers usually get weak in the
> knees
> when shown GUI products. But consider how much hassle these products can
> be
> to: select (you are just beginning the journey), purchase (your manager
> will
> want you to provide the justification, and that can come back to haunt
> you),
> install, configure across all your servers, then maintain,
> repurchase/relicense for future upgrades, etc. At the salesman's pitch it
> can sound easy and glorious, but over the long haul can take a lot of your
> time that could be productively spent elsewhere.
> Dennis Williams



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