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Re: Using DD to Read Data from Oracle Datafiles

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 11:05:31 -0700
Message-ID: <>


Possibly proof of Kevin's point about "dumping" is that Oracle posts
only it's newest software for free download.  The older stuff that is
now "desupported" (a.k.a. "finally ready for production usage" thus no
longer needing support) is not available for free download.  :-)

That is in contrast to the fact that Oracle used to pack all it's floppies, tapes, and CDs with the old desupported software;  perhaps on the principle of "it's not worth anything, so here it is", perhaps?

Of course, there are always those old CDs and even floppies lying around, gathering dust.  I think Carel-Jan still has a working copy of Oracle v4 on 8-inch diskettes?  Running on MS-DOS under VMware, no?

Back during the fin de siecle, National Geographic magazine published an editorial about how people save those pretty yellow magazines.  They estimated that, at the rate at which National Geographic magazines are purported to be hoarded in households, the combined weight of accumulated magazines would surpass that of the earth around the year 2350 or so (I really don't remember the exact year they quoted).  Based on what I've seen in hundreds of IT shops over the years, I suspect that same is true of old Oracle software and documentation...

Kevin Closson wrote:

But your point is still valid: Neither IBM nor MS will let you download a really usefull copy of their software (DB ones, I mean) without paying for the licence. Oracle does, and they do not seem to be bothered by the undisclosed use.

…I think it is a product dumping play. The Japanese electronics sold in the states in the 80s cost about 3 fold more in Japan. The product dumping was underwritten by “loyal customers” if you will. Once the product acceptance wratched up, so did the price. I think Oracle is doing the same thing. If any reasonable number of the production sites around the world (emerging markets) using unlicensed stuff grew to the point of making it on Oracle’s radar, they’ll eventually have to pay. Or, they’ll run out of workarounds for problems and then be forced to pay up to get a patch…



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